Ron Dustman (aka Dustman), born in 1946, is a professional designer and photographer. A forty-plus year background in design, includes a few years spent with ad agencies. The majority of time though was spent designing trade publications for a major publisher in Cleveland, Ohio. It was in this environment that the introduction to computer design changed everything. He was exposed to electronic media and digital photography.

Personal interests have always lurked outside the norm. Having little interest in organized sports, etc., he gravitated towards the outer limits of past-times. Upon successfully oozing from the sixties, Ron saw his immediate future in flight and hang gliding was one of the answers. So... from 1970 through 1982 he jumped (most times) successfully from sand dunes and mountains. Sanity was questioned on a few occasions.

In '82, a new era of flight emerged in the form of powered ultralights. With the help of long-time hang gliding friend and aircraft designer, Chuck Slusarczyk (CGS Aviation), power and accessibility were greatly enhanced with a CGS Hawk! This was a very enlightening and (in hindsight) lucky period in his life. The fact that he survived was alone testimony to his will to survive and his wise choice of aircraft to build. Thanks, Chuck.

In 2001 interests shifted abruptly to hotrods (The bio photo(s) show the before and after change that occurred around this time!). His main interest turned to T Buckets. Imagining the wind blowing in what hair he had left, his son Ry turned him on to a rough blue/flamed T bucket that was for sale. Ron bought it. Over the next couple of years (with a heap of help from his good friend and "inventive" mechanic Jeff Jeffries) it was transformed into a great running, reliable street machine. With this as a starting point, his intense interest in hot rods, street rods, classic cars, gassers and drag racing overwhelmed his being. That's when the old camera came back out and the documentation of this "life period" took root. Thanks go to good friend John Shapiro of Cruisin' Times Magazine for all of his valuable advice and direction regarding all things "hot rod". These gallery pages follow that road and include some other directions that could be interesting. Enjoy the trip and pass the link on to someone you think might be interested.

To contact Ron, Email: rondustman@rocketmail.com or Phone: (216) 513-6623. Thanks.